What do we do?

Our mission is to provide children with more opportunities to participate in competitive wrestling. We are making wrestling events faster, smoother, and more beginner friendly.

Together we are building tools to help better manage wrestling clubs so that coaches can easily keep kids engaged. Together we will grow the sport and give more children the chance to learn the valuable lessons that wrestling teaches.
Hard work pays off!

How WAR Zone provides wrestlers with 5-6 matches in 2 hours?

Apply to be a WAR Zone Regional Director

Want to run a WAR Zone in your region? If you are not yet approved to run WAR Zones, fill out this form to apply If you are already approved to run WAR Zones, fill out this form to setup your next event. Do not fill out this form if you aren’t already approved.
To have your event approved, make sure that we are not currently booked for more than 2 events that day (look at www.WellRunTournaments.com to see all of our events). We will not run more than 2 simultaneous events, unless we explicitly tell you that it’s OK. If you want to run an event on a day with 2 events, please call us first.

Already hosted an event?

It should take us less than 24 hours to setup your event. If you haven’t heard from us within 48 hours, please contact us. Once you’ve submitted your WAR Zone Event Setup Form, familiarize yourself with your responsibilities on the day of the event: