Sunday, January 15th 2023

Kings Park Beginner Friendly WAR Zone #4




William T. Rogers Middle School

97 Old Dock Rd, Kings Park, NY 11754


WAR Zone events only take 2 hours!

Most wrestlers will get 5-6 competitive matches!

Registration: $40

Late Registration: $50 (Day before the event)

Beginner friendly means no mismatches. 

We will not pair any matches that are not winnable for both wrestlers. You can learn more about how we do this here: 

If a mismatch is created (due to a wrestler being incorrectly rated), we will cancel the match and update the rating of the poorly rated wrestler.

Refund Policy:

We guarantee refunds! 

If you cannot make the event, or are not satisfied with potential matchups, just send an email to and we will refund 100% of the tokens to your account so you can use them at a future event. If the event is taking place where WAR Zone is not popular, we will refund the cash to your credit card. If you cancel within the last 24 hours, there will be a $10 penalty.

Register at:

Registration instructions:

There is a $10 fee to create an account if this is your first WAR Zone event.

You will need a separate account for each wrestler.

  1. Go to
  2. If you have wrestled in a WAR Zone event before, skip to step 6.
  3. Click “Sign up” from the menu (on cellphones the menu is the 3 lines in the top right corner of your screen).
  4. Create your username (IN ALL LOWER CASE LETTERS!) and activate your account. Please use wrestler’s full name, example: johndoe
  5. Create your wrestler profile.
  6. Click “Buy Tokens” from the menu. Purchase the appropriate amount of tokens for this event.
  7. Click “Register for an event” from the menu and then select the correct event.
  8. Click the blue button that says “Click here to register for this event”
  9. You will receive a confirmation message telling you that you’ve registered.


Bronze – Complete 3 matches

Silver – Complete 4 matches

Gold – Complete 5 matches

Contact: Jason Layton – 516-386-0225 –

Start Time Estimator:

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