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How we provide a better experience

We Give People What They Want

Events run much faster

The tournament director has the flexibility to determine how long people stay at the event. We suggest a 2 hour window, from arriving to leaving, but the tournament director can choose exactly how long he/she wants competitors to stay, and the average number of matches they will be able to complete. This means you will know days before... when to arrive and how long you can stay at the event . No more waisting your whole day at a wrestling tournament!

Get in and out in 2 hours or less

Kids wrestle in more matches

It is EASY to get all wrestlers 4-6 quality matches, in less than 2 hours.We surveyed 174 wrestling parents, 94% would like to see their kids wrestle in at least 5 matches at a wrestling tournament. This is why people say...

WAR Zone is the future of wrestling competitions!

Weight Cutting?

No weight Cutting Image

There is NO cutting weight because there are no weight classes. Wrestlers will compete in custom-made matches for their age,weight, and skill. Losing weight will not give you a competitive advantage...

We want children to grow big and strong NOT be starving themselves. This is NOT good for the kids or the sport of wrestling.The creator of WAR Zone knows first hand how bad weight cutting can be and is very grateful that WAR Zone can make a difference in the health of youth wrestlers

WAR Zone events grow.

5 wrestlers = 10 match ups

12 wrestlers = 66 match ups

5 Wrestler NetWork Effect12 Wrestler NetWork Effect

WAR Zone events grow faster than other wrestling competitions because of the Network Effect. As the number of competitors increase, the quality of the matchups increase as well.The more wrestlers, the higher the quality of matchups, and the shorter the wait time after requesting a match. This means a better experience for everyone